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As an extremely passionate philanthropist and entrepreneur,  I recognized the harm my shopping addiction was causing to the environment and the people behind the scenes that it was affecting. As soon as I became educated about the prominent fast fashion issue, I made sure that I encompassed all it means to be a sustainable shopper. Now I'm educating others to do the same. Together we will educate and inspire a new generation of shoppers. Shoppers that not only care about the workers, but the environment. Shoppers that recognize who made their t-shirt and what their life looks like. Shoppers who are excited to meet other shoppers that will challenge them to become the most sustainable they can be. Hi, my name is Sabrina Riback, I am the mastermind behind awear. Together we will educate and inspire real change to be made. Together we are one, and together we invent the future. A future of fair labor, a clean environment, and minimal amounts of waste.

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