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Fall and Fast Fashion

Written By: Sydney Goldberger

Awear Intern

With fall around the corner and the weather changing, it is expected that everyone is going to need to be shopping for the appropriate clothes to wear. While fast fashion brands like Zara and Urban Outfitters seem cute, easy, and affordable, there are so many more options of sustainable clothing brands with all the same features. While finding brands with size inclusive clothing and sustainable materials may seem hard to find, we have you covered.

Pact, a sustainable clothing brand based in Colorado, is a super sustainable fashion brand with affordable colder fall basics for both adults and children, bedding, activewear, and undergarments. Specializing in non GMO cotton, carbon free shipping, and biodegradable packing, Pact is the perfect fall shopping stable and is a must for all. On top of their sustainability, they are also size inclusive and sell a variety of clothing in sizes XS-2X.

Summersalt, a sustainable clothing brand based in Missouri, is a wonderful sustainable fashion brand selling inexpensive swimwear and activewear for all of you who live in places where it is summer weather year around. Using recycled fabrics and packaging along with WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) focused factories, SummerSalt is the full package and earth friendly brand you need to slay the fall fashion game. Once again, their size range fits all body types and ranges from size XS-2X.

Levis, a well known name brand denim company, created in California, is the perfect sustainable company for all of you jean jackets and overall lovers. Having been the face of denim worldwide for centuries, Levi’s is one of the most well known companies actually doing their part selling ethically sourced and recyclable denim. For all of you who love name brand items, but want to do your part for helping the earth, Levis is selling apparel, accessories, and of course denim to both adults and children. All items sold and distributed by Levis are sold at a fairly low price and can be found in sizes XS-4X, so everyone can be rocking the flare jean trend this fall:)

Eilleen Fisher, a well known ethical clothing brand, created in New York, has tons of fashionable and sustainable clothing items to help you rock the 2022 fall fashion game. While I will tell you it is on the pricier side for clothing, their organic clothing is supported by Certified B Corp, Fair Trade Certified Collections, and non hazardous chemicals. The company strives for fair working wages and thrives on not conforming to social and environmental injustices. From linen, to silk, to nylon, their clothing pieces are the cutest and are so worth the extra price, All items come in a range of sizes XXS- 3X and their shoes are top notch adorable as well!

As consumers, it's time to do our part and positively affect the way our clothes and goods are being made. By supporting each slow fashion brand with a mission, we can tackle the unethical and inhumane ways of fast fashion brands. By being conscious with our purchases, we as people and the world around us can benefit. Let's do fall fashion the right way, the sustainable way.

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