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How to be more eco-friendly

Written by: Taliah Zelman

Memoir of Lindsay Zukerberg (small business owner)



Lindsay Zukerberg is an eco-friendly advocate who has been promoting sustainable living to everyone around her. Her idea for a refillery sparked in 2014 when she was in college, but she later started expanding it during COVID-19. She has been living a low waste lifestyle for many years and wanted to start a business where she would be helping others do the same. She believes that the best thing youth can do today is care; to influence the people around you to care about climate change. Not only does her company embody this, but she also donates 10 percent of her refillery profits to different organizations every month.

Living an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Never wasting anything again is an unattainable goal. Trash is something that we cannot completely get rid of. That is why Zuke’s Refillery promotes living a low waste lifestyle over a zero waste one.

Ways to be more eco-friendly on a daily basis:

  • Utilizing refilleries

    • Instead of wasting your old shampoo bottles and purchasing new ones, reuse the same one, just refill it!

  • Replacing old products with eco-friendly ones

  • The most important thing is to finish out the old product, and then purchase the new one. Eco-friendly products are now popping up left and right. This could be anywhere from reusable cotton rounds to using a deodorant that isn’t packaged in plastic. Zuke’s Refillery has a plethora of these products for your kitchen, bathroom, and just everyday use.

  • Second-Hand Clothing (thrifting)

    • This is a great way to lessen the waste of cotton. Instead of more having to be made, this is a more affordable and environmentally friendly way to expand your closet simultaneously.

  • Second-Hand Furniture

  • Donating

    • Donating furniture and old clothes can help those in need, instead of buying new ones.

  • Using reusable energy if possible


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