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Welcome + Brand introduction

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Hi, I am Sabrina Riback, a 17 year old fast fashion advocate, sustainable fashion connoisseur, and extremely passionate individual. Due to the world we live in today, shopping sustainably is most definitely not accessible for all, and not nearly as widespread as it should be. Ethical brands are struggling to gain consumers, individuals don’t know what “fast fashion” entails, and the common companies are greenwashing and claiming to have “sustainable” lines as a marketing tactic. Not only did Covid put many small brands out of business, but all the strides being made in production and efforts to control waste amounts have vanished. We took one step forward and 3 steps back. Modern day supply chain issues are not only worsening this issue, but aiding it. This is what our world has come to, and change needs to be made. It starts with you! Together, we can all come together as individuals and use this platform to make change. Small business owners can share tips and gain traction via the forum page. Like minded individuals can interact and ask questions, and together, together we can come together to make change. You can help build out this initiative just by interacting. Complete the programs and challenges. Repost them on your social media to not only track your journey, but provoke POSITIVE shopping habits for you and your personal community. Awear is a movement, one that will finally spark change. Do good, help someone out, respond to a comment, make your own introduction post, start a challenge, refer a friend, interact on social media. Be the change you wish to see. A fast fashion fact a day, keeps the waste away!

Here are a few small ethical brand features. Everyday these brands are making strides to use greener materials, ethical production habits, reduce the carbon footprint, and boycott those carbon emissions.


To start Agite Closet will introduce themselves and their brand

Hi, We’re a small project based in Dublin/Barcelona selecting second-hand clothes from around Europe to offer the consumer a more sustainable way of consumption.

Myself and my friend/business partner, Miguel, started the project. We Both have more than 15 years of experience working in fast fashion retail companies but have chosen to change our direction and focus to promote sustainability and circular economies.

Here is more about us:

We’re selling our curated selected items online through also you can find us on social media in IG, Facebook, and Tiktok. @agitecloset


I am Kait, the owner of byAprilAndAugust, a women’s clothing and accessories shop. I also have another shop which branches off the main one called BabyAprilandAugust which sells, you guessed it, baby clothing and accessories.

The name behind my shops is based on two cardinals, a male and female, that would stop by 0ur home. It was a particularly difficult time for us with family illness, the stress of the pandemic, and worries and fears. Every time the flashes of red feathers appeared amidst the snow at our feeder we felt a strong sense of hope that just like them we were cared for- takes care of. It was really special, and eventually we named them April and August. For me those names became a symbol of that special feeling I got when I would see them knowing I was cared for. Thus my shops became byAprilAndAugust in hopes that my creations would bring that same sense to others - that they were cared for.

My shops started with very simple goals in mind: to create cute items in a sustainable way that can be refashioned and given new life. I sew all my creations on my sewing machine in my home in South Dakota. At first I was shopping for fabric at thrift stores as my business first started. I would wash and cut up outdated dresses and give them new life. Eventually there became a need for me to have more of each fabric available so I had to move on to getting fabric from local fabric shops who take great care into how they source their materials. I then create items using all fabric scraps in a variety of creative ways.

The latest news in my Etsy shops is that I have decided to add a custom fit and fabric option to almost all of my listings. Now I work with you to ensure you have the fit you need and fabric you want as well. I confirm fabrics with you from a variety of different options depending on the availability from my local fabric shops. I’m really excited about it and I’d love to make something uniquely you!

You can find both of my shops on Etsy at and

My ultimate favorite part of having these shops is seeing my creations become a small addition to some of the most special moments in peoples’ lives. My creations have been used in newborn pictures, baby arrival outfits, and special occasions of all sorts, and every time I LOVE it! I look forward to hearing from you! Please let me know if there is a gift I can help you give that would make your special person feel cared for. ♥️


Another great ethical brand that does a lot of good for the community is Lotus Tribe Clothing. Lotus tribe clothing is making strides every year to become more sustainable and more ethical.

Some of their highlights include they use natural plant based fabrics (90% cotton with only 10% spandex), they ship in plastic free packaging, and plant a tree for every item we sell (15,000 and counting). Their styles work well to layer making them transition from one season to the next, and one look to the next. Whether they want to go from errands to the yoga studio, wearing a stretchy mini skirt over their yoga pants, or go from summer festival to fall looks with boots, our designs are made to provide flexibility. Plus the tie dyes and solids mix and match to make a never ending selection of outfit possibilities, meaning you can own less pieces in your wardrobe, buying less, using less resources.

Here is their page to learn more about them! Use code AWEAR for 10% off your purchase!


Next, here is PVB The Label.

PVB the Label is a swimwear brand that focuses on sustainability and positivity. What makes us sustainable? All of our suits are made from fabric that is made from recycled ocean waste. All our packaging is completely biodegradable. What makes us positive? We created a strong community of women that supports other women. We want females to feel comfortable in their skin when they are wearing a swimsuit.

I founded PVB The Label for many reasons. As I was in school for fashion marketing, I was doing a lot of research on how much waste is coming directly from the fashion industry. I wanted to create something that potentially made a big eco friendly impact. Another reason why I started PVB The Label is that I feel like there are so many women in this world that don't have a positive community to be apart of. Our website has a group chat of women to communicate.

Readers can find us at and @pvbthelabel on Instagram and TikTok.