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Featured Ethical Shops

Check out and purchase from these ethical shops to start your sustainable fashion journey!


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We’re a small project based in Dublin/Barcelona selecting second-hand clothes from around Europe to offer the consumer a more sustainable way of consumption.


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I am Kait, the owner of byAprilAndAugust, a women’s clothing and accessories shop. I also have another shop which branches off the main one called BabyAprilandAugust which sells, you guessed it, sustainable baby clothing and accessories.

Lotus Tribe Clothing

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Lotus tribe clothing is making strides every year to become more sustainable and more ethical. Some of their highlights include they use natural plant-based fabrics (90% cotton with only 10% spandex), they ship in plastic-free packaging, and plant a tree for every item we sell (15,000 and counting). Here is their page to learn more about them! Use code AWEAR for 10% off your purchase!

PVB The Label

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PVB the Label is a swimwear brand that focuses on sustainability and positivity. What makes us sustainable? All of our suits are made from fabric that is made from recycled ocean waste. All our packaging is completely biodegradable. What makes us positive? We created a strong community of women that supports other women. We want females to feel comfortable in their skin when they are wearing a swimsuit.

Shop: As Seen In
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Emelita is a leisure swimwear that focuses on versatility. We create suits that you can choose to wear, however, whenever and wherever you want- to your morning swim, your afternoon errands, and even dinner with your friends. Our brand puts our own spin on seasonality of the swimwear. We encourage our customers to wear their suits not only at the pool and the beach, but also apart of their everyday outfits. Our goal is to motivate shoppers to think smart and buy less and better, which is why we created high quality versatile swimwear that you can wear anywhere and anytime in so many different ways. 
Our suits are made in the USA and our packaging is 100% plastic-free. We only use compostable, recyclable, and reusable materials to ship our products. 

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CottonCrab Clothing

Hello, I'm Natalie, founder of CottonCrab Clothing, lovely to e-meet you!I am a sustainable, ethical, vegan clothing brand, with people & the planet at the heart of everything I do, and my lovely customers. All my products use 100% Organic Cotton. The products that have a small amount of Polyester(up to 15%) are made up of Recycled Polyester from used plastic bottles. I have two areas of the company. Made by Me where I have took a little adventure into designing and making products myself and all other products are made by my lovely eco friendly printing company Inkthreadable.The code is AWEAR for 10% off 😊You can also use that if you see anything you like!

Shop: As Seen In
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